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East Nashville, Lockeland Springs, and Edgefield Real Estate

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East Nashville is so named because of its location on the east side of the Cumberland River, and it is one of Nashville’s most interesting and evolving neighborhoods. This resilient area overcame a fire, which destroyed over 1,000 homes in 1916, and a tornado, which ravaged the area in 1998.

East Nashville neighborhoods have a distinctively historic feel, while thriving and bursting with new creativity, diversity, and excitement. It’s easy to fall in love with some of the beautifully restored homes in this area. Most have hardwood floors throughout and many have rooms connected by large cased openings with French doors.

The East Nashville neighborhood is adjacent to Shelby Park and Shelby Bottoms, on the banks of the Cumberland River. These areas contain a golf course, playgrounds and sports fields, and miles of biking and running trails. Fashionable new restaurants and bakeries are springing up constantly.

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